5 Follow-Up Marketing Secrets


Steal any of our favorite ways to follow up with prospects and  influence people to visit, subscribe, join or buy with a time-sensitive CTA. These can work for digital or direct mail.

  1. Become a member. Add a "Grab It!" phrase to your email. Your supporting copy might say "Exclusive Invitation."

  2. Happy Birthday greetings. Link a "Go Here!" request to your post.  Reinforce with "Unlock Your Reward(s)."

  3. Product trial. Connect an "Enroll Here!" demand to your pages. Your supporting script can say "A $__.00 Value."

  4. A sale-ending rumor. Use a "Get Discount!" statement.  Your closing can remind "Prices Go Up Tomorrow."

  5. An affiliate option. Couple a "Join Instantly" comment with your comms.  Reinforce the message with "Start Earning Today."

Don't forget to use high-quality visuals and QA all campaigns for a seamless user experience.

by Serenity Thompson