The Deal with Influencer Marketing


Digital influencers pose a unique advantage to brands to drive shopper marketing strategy.

The average shopper spends 79 days researching a new purchase, with 80 percent of that research starting online, usually with social media.

Because of platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, the shopper’s path to purchase, beginning with inspiration, is becoming even more self-led.

Not only that, but consumers are less inclined to blindly follow traditional advertising and are seeking the objective opinions of the people they trust, whether they have a personal or digital relationship with them.

If consumers are no longer seeking a brand’s opinion of their own products, marketers need to shift their strategy to effectively reach shoppers. That said, brands must engage with their audiences in the same places their audiences are seeking information about them: through digital influencers on social media.

When leveraged correctly, influencer marketing can work effectively with a broader social media marketing strategy to cover all of the touch points on a customer’s path to purchase.

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