Your Killer Pipeline

measure it SO YOU CAN replicate it

In the Strategic Marketing and Commercial Development practices, we talk alot about sales stages and attribution models. How to build them. How to define each stage or touch. How to cultivate the behavior to keep these updated in CRM.

Photo: Edgar-Chaparro

Photo: Edgar-Chaparro

Here's your shortcut for sales stages.

  • Addressable Target

  • Prospecting

  • Demo

  • Discovery/Client Background

  • Internal Review

  • Proposal

  • Negotiation

  • Contracting

  • Closed Won

  • Closed Lost

Ideally, you will then track days in each stage along with the touches that moved the contact to the next stage. Optimizing the velocity of that contact through the pipeline is the end goal - we want them to move as fast as possible but with the largest contribution to profitable revenue in mind.

We build marketing and sales funnels daily. We would love to help you with yours.

by Serenity Thompson