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Client Success: Launching a Private Jet Travel Marketplace



 Photo: Leon Liu

Photo: Leon Liu

Client wanted to apply a test-and-learn approach to demand for their marketplace concept. Travelers would be able to book private jet passage for the same price as a First Class or Business class commercial airline ticket, but without the hassle of airport congestion and membership fees. As a small team of founders, our client sought input and support from travel industry experts have the necessary knowledge, skill and relationships. By engaging with the A23 Advisors Strategic Marketing practice, our client could hand off designated responsibilities to A23 Advisors and trust that initiatives were being developed and executed independently. A23 Advisors' deep marketing expertise and position as a marketing leader in the travel industry assured the founders we would know how to best communicate with travelers and deliver a maximum return on marketing dollars.


With a new product in the marketplace, our client needed to show the general public that private flights aren’t out of reach for the general public. A23 Advisors developed a digital price comparison tool targeting users looking to book flights on specific routes that are also offered through our client, to help change people’s perception that private flights are too expensive for most people. The product soft-launch was planned for Winter 2017, focusing on Sun-and-Ski destinations, supported by a Winter Destination Guide to add context, content and inspiration in the trip-planning process. Messaging, talking points and a target media list was also delivered for the soft consumer launch.


Executive team was able to focus on growth plan as well as the build and rollout of the operators' backend platform.