Global Loyalty Travel Booking Solution

Points, Inc. partners with A23 Advisors to standardize implementations and to staff projects


 Photo: Jakob Owens

Photo: Jakob Owens

Points Travel is a white-label travel booking solution for the loyalty industry. It’s a modern, flexible and customizable platform that can be easily modified depending on your loyalty program’s objectives. It uses your loyalty currency to provide a seamless travel booking experience, and allows your members to earn and burn your currency while making their ideal bookings. Unlike other travel booking solutions, Points is a partner, and not a competitor who may have conflicts in the travel space.

ASSIGNMENT launched their white label hotel and car booking site, Points Travel, for their first client in 2014.  The industry quickly caught wind of the new solution and Points soon had a strong sales pipeline and a great product, but they didn’t have a streamlined process to onboard a new client onto the platform. 

The Points Travel product team is located in San Francisco, but the Points delivery team is based in the headquarters in Toronto.  Initially projects were being run by the team in San Francisco, but in order to scale and minimize costs, the goal was to transition all Points Travel implementations from the product team in San Francisco to the core delivery team in Toronto.  But to do this, they needed to document processes and train resources on the delivery team to run Points Travel projects.

Spikes in project demand are difficult to predict and to staff.  It is time consuming and expensive to ramp up a new project manager in order to have them ready to take on projects when there is a spike in demand.  


How A23 Helped:

  • Expertise - travel industry, project management, process implementation, software development.  Able to hit the ground running rather than have a long ramp up time. 
  • Quickly learned the product and built out new processes and documentation while also managing projects.    Get a project manager that can also build out processes.
  • Helpful in transitioning new products into repeatable implementation processes
  • Offers project based support - allows Points to easily scale up in order to take on additional clients without having to hire a full time resource. Points has the ability to quickly respond to an increase in demand for skilled project resources.


  • Supported the launch of 6 clients in less than 2 years:
    1. Hawaiian
    2. Etihad
    3. Miles and More
    4. AirMiles
    5. Air Europa
    6. ANA
  • Helped reduce standard implementation timelines from 3 months to 6 weeks
  • Cut timeline by 50%
  • Built standard implementation template in Trello for all configuration and development to launch a new client
  • Created detailed ‘how to’ documents on repeatable processes
  • Trained dedicated PM in Toronto that can run Points Travel implementations