Plug and Play Summer Summit Superstars (2019)



This year’s Plug and Play Summer Summit was an invitation-only event, so we’re recapping the most-inspiring ventures coming out of the latest Travel and Hospitality cohort, just for you. Here’s a behind-the scenes recap of what turned our heads, touched our hearts and made us giddy with excitement for the future of the industry!

Photo by  Jakob Owens  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Within the theme Seamless Journey, we got gaga about Timeshifter® - The Jet Lag App®.

With Timeshifter, you can create your own personalized jet lag plans and arrive to your destination functioning at your best. Developed by world-renowned scientists and based on the latest sleep and circadian neuroscience, Timeshifter is already proven with astronauts and elite athletes. Could business travelers are next? Try it on your next trip.

In Blockchain, we can all use a whole lotta TrustaBit to solve the oh-so-icky reality of IROPS (flight disruption).

Founded and led by Saritta Hines, TrustaBit has been a lleading speaker on conference agendas for the past year. If you haven’t heard Saritta’s pitch, check out TrustaBit now. At Plug and Play Summer Summit, she announced they added hotel and rideshare to tokenize loyalty. Definitely one to watch!

Parcy extends Platform/Travel Management solutions to Event Management and Production.

Event management is consistently ranked on the Top 5 Most Stressful Jobs list each year. It’s a punishing combination of spreadsheets, paper-based forms, faxing (1), and plain old brute strength needed for relentless packing, unpacking,loading, unloading, and shipping. Parcy is the single SaaS application for the entire event planning lifecycle, automating the workflow of corporate events. Check them out. Use Parcy and say buh-bye spreadsheets, printing and faxing - and save your strength for the rest!

Sherpa makes sure you never get stuck at the embassy for weeks on end (again).

If you’re a frequent traveler, like most of us in travel and hospitality, you have probably had a Visa Ooops. It’s never fun. Sherpa solves the problem in a simple streamlined way by enabling Airlines and OTAs to distribute eVisas as an ancillary service. A manged travel option may be next, so get to know Sherpa.

In the world of Operational Efficiency, Stackla brings more AI to the marketing stack.

Stackla delivers user generated content that has been filtered and analyzed with AI, winning the volume-velocity challenge for content marketing. If there’s a market that is begging for disruption, it’s stock photography, so we think they have something in Stackla. Now the question is, what is the price for usage rights of the AI-approved user generated content? Stackla is a full-throttle enterprise marketing solution with a digital asset management platform position as well. Learn more here.

Location-based Services are sitting prettier than ever with Situm.

Monetize spaces, get real-time data of mobile assets, enhance work site presence, efficiently guide users, better service customers, and dynamicaly reveal points of interest. Situm delivers indoor positioning, way-finding and tracking solutions for airports, resorts, train stations, shopping malls, sports arenas, hospitals and corporate campuses with minimal infrastructure. Situm is headquartered in Spain.