Powerful Video Content Ideas


Video consistently tests as the most engaging type of online content, time and time again. If you're not using it to define your brand, establish a presence within your market, and to make your digital channels memorable or sticky (which helps strengthen SEO), you should be.

That’s exactly what we told Forbes.

Keep reading for some quick Video Content 101 ideas to get your company, department or team started leveraging the most powerful medium on the web today.

Bling Your Blog

Goodbye wall of text. Embed a video that is relevant to your post and adds to the story. Experiment with auto-play if you dare, but I prefer not to in case viewers are in a sound-sensitive environment such as the office. Make sure you indicate there's video in the post and add context by adding [VIDEO] to the title.

Embed videos from YouTube or other sites with proper accreditation. If you use text on the same page to describe the video, and add your own commentary about why the video is relevant or important, you can also improve SEO.

Showcase Reviews or Highlight Influencers on Your E-commerce Site

Sales videos get people to take action, by either buying your product, opting into your list, or buying an affiliate product. E-commerce sites can see a triple- and quadruple-digit boost in conversions by having video reviews of products, product demos, testimonials, etc. It's worth screening a few "As seen on TV" video ads and infomercials and stealing a few pages from the effectiveness playbook. When you're ready to create this type of video, try partnering with an influencer or public figure whom your audiences can relate to.

Make Landing Pages More Engaging

Sometimes people just want to feel more connected to your brand, and video helps do that. A simple video on a landing page can be remarkably effective in boosting conversions 2x and 3x.

Explain Your Product

Use video case studies, demos, tutorials and training to show people how easy your product is to use, how useful it is, etc. Let that brand personality shine!

Show Off Your Skills & Services

If you offer a service, video helps you explain what you do and presents examples of what you’ve done. Give a lightning talk or an explainer, share clips of speaking or media engagements, or provide a look behind the scenes of a current project.

Capture the Energy of a Location

Venues, events and even corporate headquarters can attract new attention with an entertaining video capturing sizzling, bubbling, overflowing energy. Photos and screenshots don’t deliver the same multi-sensory vibe.

Make Your Topic More Interesting

Videos add life to enterprise software presentations (and they eliminate Death by Powerpoint). They transform static presentations into lively, engaging messages that trigger emotions, and help to communicate on a deeper level than nearly any other form of marketing. Does your powerpoint or pitch deck contain a “marketecture” diagram, a decision-point map or another box-and-arrow intentive flow chart? Make them videos instead.

These are just a few ideas of ways you can use video to enhance your websites, social feeds or landing pages. If you want more helpful ideas like these, or are ready to formulate your video strategy, request a consultation.