Powerful Video Content Ideas


Video is the fastest growing type of online media. You may think your website or blog isn’t conducive to video… or that it’s not worth the trouble…or that it’s too expensive or time-consuming. But the fact is, any website can be made better with video.

You can use videos to define your brand, to establish a presence within your market and to make your digital channels memorable or sticky. Here are a few powerful video content ideas that can be incorporated into almost any type of marketing activity for added impact and oomph.

Draw Attention on Your Blog

Blogs of all types benefit from the addition of video, and they don’t even have to be your brand videos. You can embed videos from YouTube or other websites. Doing this can improve SEO, especially if you use text on the same page to describe the video and add your own commentary about what’s being presented in the video. For example, you can embed an auto-play video that asks people to turn off their add blocker, follow you on social media, or check out one of your ads.

Keep Visitors on Your Site Longer

You may or may not know this, but Google looks at “bounce rate” as a weighty factor in SEO. Bounce rate is the number of people who leave your site without visiting another page other than the one they initially landed on. Google also uses the amount of time spent on a page as a factor. Video can keep people on your site longer, and entice them to view more pages.

Connect on a Personal Level

You can include a video of yourself on your website to let people know who you are and connect with yours audience on a more personal level.

E-commerce Sites

Sell those products! E-commerce sites can see a triple- and quadruple-digit boost in conversions by having video reviews of products, product demos, testimonials, etc. Sales videos work well to get people to take action, by either buying your product, opting in to your list, or buying an affiliate product. This is a great time to partner with a category influencer.

A23 Advisors provides additional bandwidth, extra support and a fresh perspective.

Make Email and Landing Pages More Engaging

Sometimes people just want to feel connected to you, and video is the perfect way to accomplish that. Email and landing pages often see 2x and 3x conversion boosts with the addition of video. A simple video at the top of an email can be remarkably effective, and landing page conversions can be boosted significantly with the addition of video.

Enhance Tutorials, Demos, Onboarding, Education & Training

Use video to show people how easy your product is to use, how useful it is, etc. Almost any type of tutorial is greatly enhanced by video that demonstrates use. Some people simply can’t grasp a topic via text and/or photos, but video will help almost anyone understand a subject.

Local Sites and Social Media Channels

Websites for local businesses can benefit greatly from video, too. You can use video to introduce the business, the owners, your products or services, your employees and yor neighborhood. Videos can definitely be more enticing that photos, and certainly more so than text.

Show Off Your Skills & Services

If you offer a service, video can help you explain what you do to potential clients, as well as present examples of what you’ve done. Show off your skills, knowledge and expertise with a lightening talk, an explainer, clips of speaking or media enagements, or a look behind the scenes of a current project.

Capture the Energy of a Location

Venues, events and even coporate headquarters can attract new attention with an entertaining video capturing authentic energy. Sometimes nothing can make someone want to eat more than seeing a video of bubbling, steaming, or sizzling food! Photos and screenshots don’t have as much of an effect.

Make Your Topic More Interesting

Some topics just aren’t that interesting or entertaining, but the right video can turn a boring topic into an entertaining experience. Videos add life to enterprise software presentations (and they eliminate Death by Powerpoint). They transform static presentations into lively, engaging messages that trigger emotions, and help to communicate on a deeper level than nearly any other form of marketing. Does your powerpoint or pitch deck contain a “market-ecture” diagram, a decision-point map or another box-and-arrow intentive flow chart? These assets are better as 15 to 30 second videos.

These are just a few ideas of ways you can use video to enhance your websites or landing pages. For more ideas - and to request a consultation for low-cost video content development - reach out to the team.