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Client Success: Digital Transformation

Photo: David Preston

Photo: David Preston


After an acquisition of their OTA partner, our client had to quickly and effectively build a marketing and sales funnel, including messaging, lead nurturing content, sales tools and commercial processes. 


Build out sales and marketing programs, previously run by OTA partner, which would integrate seamlessly to what had come before while also allowing for repeatable processes, future improvements and revenue growth. 


A23 Advisors conducted a marketing and sales audit, which found additional marketing and commercial support was needed. Client needed to focus more attention on articulating differentiators, clearly describing product and service offerings, generating awareness and building a strong sales funnel. To solve these issues, the team decided to completely revamp marketing and sales efforts to reach a goal of increasing revenue by double digits in a year.

The A23 Advisors Strategic Marketing Practice performed competitive analysis and used findings to identify defensible differentiators and value driven messaging for target personas. We incorporated these personas, differentiators and value drivers to develop new corporate positioning, refresh and expand the company website to reflect product and solution offerings, and launch a public relations program to build awareness and highlight thought-leadership content.

The A23 Advisors Commercial Development Practice developed a programmatic approach to identifying the client’s Total Addressable Market from both a geographical and vertical approach. A23 worked with the client to hone in on key contacts, refining their sales pitch and product marketing materials, and created a strategic plan to engage with prospective partners. 

In addition, collectively they created account level revenue forecast process that could be rolled up and converted into sales targets for individual business development managers. This led to a consistent analytically driven system that could be used by the team and completion of annual planning processes in a timely manner.


Lead generating programs with the refreshed messaging are driving leads as well as analyst interest, resulting in quarterly briefings. Client is now associated with growth-driving themes of user experience, mobile monetization, building profitability with travel ancillary strategies and key demographic shifts impacting the travel industry. Further, the Revenue Forecast tool resulted in precise, actionable goals that reflect the overall intent of growing their revenue in specific increments.