Find a Kick Ass Consultant

Photo by  Nico Krämer  on  Unsplash

The business consultant role is one you want to get right from the get go. For all intents and purposes, the person is going to be an employee of yours. Make sure the fit is there.

When you're thinking about hiring a business consultant, there are a few rules of thumb to abide by in order to find the right expert for your business.

Word of mouth and referrals

First, talk to others that you have known that have used business consultants. Find out what their experiences were with their consultants and if they were satisfied with what they did for them.

Know your objectives

Before you conduct your interview with your business consultant, figure out what it is that you're looking for. Knowing what you want to accomplish will help the business consultants you interview to know what type of direction you are going in.

  • Do you want the company to run more efficiently?

  • Do you want to cut costs?

  • Do you want your company to make more money?

Interview at least three options

Even if your first interviewee comes with stellar referrals and a proven track record and the meeting goes well, keep the appointments you made  to talk to other consultants. You may find someone you like better, or someone with the same vision for your company that you have. After you have kept all of the appointments and conducted all the interviews, you can make your choice.